Hiro Haraguchi
From his earliest days of intense training in Japan to his current projects in New York, top stylist Hiro Haraguchi has constantly redefined the limits of excellence in hair style and hair care.
With 30 years of experience, Hiro has successfully merged his Far East training and philosophy with the Western cornucopia of hair types to create a unique blend of "international chic". Hiro and his associates cater to the specific needs and goals of their clients, creating the client's desired look to enhance his or her natural beauty. In Hiro's own words; "No one has the same job, the same personality, or the same hair. We must consider every aspect of each client's life in order to create his or her total look. As we get to know you, my staff and I discover your personality. Then, we can bring out your own inner beauty to enhance your confidence. We are both your hair clinician and your hair stylist."
In Japan, Hiro spent over nine years studying, perfecting, and improving his techniques in the straight perm, the permanent wave, and the latest styles in hair. After relocating to New York in 1988, he continued training at Suga. It was here that he met one of his mentors, Vera Wang, and began a long-lasting friendship.
Ms. Wang graciously shared her personal style philosophy with Hiro, which affected his own approach to the specific yet diverse needs of New York clients. This led to the evolution of his concept of "the total look" for each of his clients, irrespective of ethnicity. The wonderful diversity of every North American individual presents an exciting challenge for a stylist's growth, as Hiro learned when he moved to Oribe. There, he began his work with photo shoots for many magazines with exotic models in various locales.
Hiro's next step up was at Garren. At this prestigious salon, Hiro worked closely with the master and styled for fashion show luminaries like Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. His outlook took on a metamorphosis. By combining his experience from three top New York salons, Hiro's signature approach transformed to include not only consultation and styling, but aftercare as well. Hiro gives each client advice and instruction in home hair hygiene; from shampoo, through cut and color, to conditioning. Hiro believes that maintaining the style after leaving the salon is equally as important as the initial visit.
In every salon session, each client receives the benefit of 30 years experience. Hiro knows that it is crucial to educate clients about the pros and cons of current methods. For instance, although the straight perm is currently popular, it can be a dangerous process and harmful to the hair if done by untrained hands. Conversely, improvements in permanent wave techniques and chemical products have resulted in far safer and more natural style options for the client to choose from. Hiro and his associates participate in regular educational update forums as both attendees and instructors. This continually fresh knowledge is passed on directly to the clients by teaching them about proper trends in the science and art of hair design.

"Most clients do not have enough time on their own to learn about the developments in the hair field. They must rely on qualified hair professionals and trust in them. Your goal is our goal, to make you look your absolute best, inside and out. That is my life." -Hiro