What is Inphenom?

INPHENOM is a quick and effective 5-step in-salon treatment done immediately after your color service to repair dry. damaged hair from the inside leaving you with shinier, brighter, softer hair.


To Improve the quality of repeatedly color treated hair.

CMC is a hair component which retains moisture in the cortex(cortex CMC), seals it in (cuticle CMC), and prevents it from evaporating (surface CMC).
CMC also serves as pathways where color chemicals travel through to reach cortex.
After repeated color services, the cortex is damaged resulting in dry, brittle, limp hair.

Healthy Hair vs. Dry, Damaged Hair

Healthy hair is soft and bouncy because it contains moisture. CMC is the key component in hair that retains this moisture. It also serves as a passageway for hair color to reach deep inside the hair.
However, after repeated color services, the CMC in your hair tends to get damaged, losing its moisture-retaining capability causing your hair to become dry and brittle. INPHENOM is a CMC repairing treatment done in the salon immediately after your color service.
It helps the CMC in your hair regain the power to retain moisture and brings the hair back to a healthy state. With INPHENOM, your color becomes even more radiant and vibrant than you could ever imagine.

Damaged HairHealthy Hair
Damaged HairHealthy Hair
INPHENOM After-Color Treatment

THe secrets behind the quick and effective 5-step in-salon treatment!

Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5
Penetrator Cortex CMC Cuticle CMC CMC Stabilizer Cuticle Coat
Penetrator Cortex CMC Cuticle CMC CMC Stabilizer Cuticle Coat
Open up the CMC to allow treatments to penetrate the hair better. Repairs Cortex CMC to help retain moisture.. Seals cuticle layers to lock moisture inside. Locks repairing ingredients inside. Restores lipid coat on the surface of the hair for shine and smoothness.