Restorative hair treatment
after treatment hair will retain moisture becoming manageable and easier to style.

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What are the specific needs of damaged, dehydrated and lifeless hair?


Keratin is one of the main ingredients of hair. When hair lacks elasticity and strength, Keratin can be added to repair damaged areas and rebuild internal structures. The Noiraudepro Keratin applications come in three different molecular weights to rebuild the various levels of the hair's structure.


CMC is an oil based ingredient in the hair. When hair becomes weakened and dehydrated, it loses CMC which retains the moisture within the hair's cortical layers. By adding CMC, dehydrated and distressed hair is then able to retain moisture and lock in the necessary Keratin.


Collagen is a protein which adds strength and support to skin cells. When applied to hair, it creates a veil on the cuticle's surface which locks in moisture, adds softness and deters frizz.

Chitoaqua & Silk Peptide:

Silk proteins and aloe extract create an even veil of protection on the hair's cuticle to add shine and resistance. These also protect the hair from daily stresses such as thermal styling, UV light and brush friction.

Keratin shot, is a powerful revitalizing protein treatment. Hair damage starts when the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) is stripped of proteins and nutrients. The damage can be caused by repeated chemical processes, excessive heat styling and environmental factors such as sun and polluted air. Damaged hair becomes harder to style and retain color because it lacks elasticity and the loss of protein makes the surface rough preventing it from reflecting optimum shine.

Launched in Japan over 10 years ago, our hair therapist soon discovered the amazing benefits and effectiveness of this missing link to restoring hair to its original state.
The keratin shot repairs the hair from the inside out. The process starts with a thorough shampoo. Then the skilled hair care therapist applies three different sizes of keratin, followed by a ceramide applied to repair the water pathway inside the hair retaining moisture. Your hair will feel silky smooth adding shine and body! Benefits last for up to six weeks with a home care packet of Nigelle HY weekly deep conditioners. Your hair will feel stronger and healthier each time you repeat the Keratin Shot Treatment.

Hair rescue treatment (Inphenom)

Hair rescue is a quick and very effective 5 step process. This lightweight treatment is recommended after color to prevent fading and will keep hair shiny up to six weeks with proper homecare maintenance.

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Q. Will I see immediate results?

A. Yes, however results will become increasingly visible with repeated treatments.

Q. My hair is dry and damaged will this treatment repair it?

A. Our keratin shot treatment repairs the hair shaft and restores strength and shine to chemically damaged hair. For optimal results should be done every 6 weeks.

Q. Which treatment would be better for me?

A. The hair therapist will evaluate your hair and recommend the best treatment based on hair type and condition.